Eye Twitching Early Pregnancy

Eye Twitches Pregnancy

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Twitching of the eye is a situation where your eye starts to spasm uncontrollably without you inducing it yourself. It occurs on both the upper and the lower eyelids and can be generally hard to control. However, most of the time they are harmless and involve just a minor movement that can be ignored. There are times though when they can be uncontrollable and even cause the shutting of the eye. Eye twitching and pregnancy is a common occurrence for many women who experience it. Here are the signs that reveal themselves during pregnancy:

  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Too much blinking.
  • Eyes feeling too dry.
  • Eyes looking tired.
  • Movement of involuntary muscles around the eye area is observed.

1. Dry eyes

Dry eyes are one of the common reasons for eye spasms and twitching during pregnancy. One of the common reasons behind this is continually staring at a computer screen and other electronic devices for work or entertainment.


To ensure that your eyes don’t get dry while working, it is good to take short breaks every 10-15 minutes. It is best to limit your screen time or wear anti-glare glasses. These eyeglasses have a coating that is anti-reflective and blocks blue light. Thus, they reduce the strain on the eyes. Even using artificial tears prescribed by a doctor is a good way to lubricate your eyes. It relieves the dryness and irritation in your eyes.

2. Eye Strains and Irritation

Eye strains generally occur when you stare into screens that do not have anti-glare protection, walking in the sun without sunglasses, or using phones for a long time without having breaks. Irritation caused by foreign bodies in the eye can make your eyes water and trigger eye twitches.ADVERTISEMENT


Ensure that you get an anti-glare screen and cover your eyes by dipping cotton in rose water and dabbing them. Even cucumber slices can help provide a cooling effect for your eyes. If something gets into your eye, thoroughly wash with plain lukewarm water to flush out the particle and gently pat dry.

3. Stress

One of the most common reasons behind eye twitching is stress. Stress affects the nervous system, which in turn, affects the involuntary muscles around the eyes. This triggers eye twitches. Pregnant women who face a lot of stress can be affected by eye twitches and pain in their eyes.


While it isn’t easy to get rid of stress, trying to keep a healthy and happy outlook can work wonders in reducing eye stress. Try listening to a lot of music and getting enough rest to reduce stress levels. Meditation is another way to ensure you stay calm.

4. Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw, especially during deep sleep, can cause a lot of stress on the facial muscles. This may cause the involuntary muscles around the eye region to go into spasms, thus resulting in eye twitches.


While it isn’t possible to consciously control your jaw movements while asleep, wearing a mouthguard can help. Also, massaging the inner and outer jaws can also help.

5. Fatigue and Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough rest or sleep during pregnancy is a common occurrence for many pregnant women. Tiredness and sleep deprivation can not only lead to eye pain and twitching, but also other issues like migraines, and lowered concentration levels.

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